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SD HDD issue - Amiga 600


I really hope someone here can educate me on my HDD issue.

(Hardware and software used @ the bottom of this post.)

I recently bought an SD adapter from below link, to use in my Amiga 600 with a 2Gb SD.

I wanted to use WinUAE to set it up, as most guides seems to endorse that procedure.
But without much luck beacuse the emulator/WB wouldn't read any of my SD's from either of my two SD readers. (As in; HDToolBox wouldn't register any drive at all.)
So i think I'm left to do this using only the amiga.

I prepared the SD with Diskpart - in one instance with the "clean" command and "delete volume #" in another.
Which one is the one to use? I see "delete volume #" frequently, so i'm currently going with that.
This gave the reult as described in many forums and guides, so i'd assume im on the right track.

(Tried both commands in seperate cases, because users around several messageboards referred to both of them)

When using HDToolBox on the A600, the drive shows up, and i'm able to see my SD in the list of drives, with the following settings:


I click change device type - click define new, and read configuration automatically, but this gives me: "Device is not a disk (Type 7)" -error

When clicking "Continue" on that, it shows a disk with 3mb of space.

At one point - without having any idea about how i managed to do it - the card registered correctly!

I have that "correct" configuration saved on my disk now, albeit with some settings i put in there myself, because they were blank, as far as i remember.

The fields i filled out were:

FileName: drive definitions
Manufacturers Name: (My real name - had no idea what else to type)
Drive Name: Festplatte (Harddrive in german i think)
Drive Revision: 1

I'm warned that the disk only has 8000 blocks, whereas i'm trying to configure it with 3861648 blocks using the "correct" configuration from the earlier attempt, on a session that only read 3mb.

I then partition the drive into 3 pieces, naming them DH0, DH1 and DH2.
The first partition is ticked bootable, and "0x1DE00" is defined on all the partitions under advanced options.
DH0 is around 300mb and the others share the remaining space.

No other settings are touched, and i click OK and Save changes to disk.

This changes the status to "Not Changed" in the drives list, but i figured from some forums that i shouldn't worry about that.

I then click "Exit" and the application returns me to the workbench desktop.

No new drives appear, so i reboot and find that it still does not show the SD and the partitions i just configured, on the WB desktop.

I try to start up HDToolBox again, but everything is as if i hadn't done anything at all.


I'd love some insight into what i'm doing wrong here, because this has got me stumped.

Also - i'm new at this whole amiga thing, so i'm entirely green in all of this!

My system is:

A600 with using SanDisk 2Gb MicroSD in an SD adapter. (Non-SDHC)
KickStart 3.1 REV. 40.63 and WorkBench 3.1

Connected to my PC using serial cable and Amiga Explorer.

PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate DK.

I've tried searching for all that i could think of in this regard, but i couldn't find anything with exactly my problem.
So i'm sorry if this is easily searchable, i just couldn't find the right terms.

Also; i've used quite some days/hours on this, so i'm not sure i got everything written down - but please, do ask if you think i did and id you need more information!

If you made it this far: thanks for reading!
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