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Originally Posted by Cymru View Post
I'm happy that we are about to have more solutions to the Amiga's 15Khz problem. Although I found that the SCART-to-HDMI is a much better solution that the GBS-8220 and that piece of crap eBay "15Khz to VGA" thing, Jens' MKIIs and hopefully the ScanJuggler will fill an ongoing need. His accelerators also fill a need the "Community" has, and with the addition of the KS ROMs they will make life easier. It would be nice (but perhaps not economically feasible) to have more X-surf's, Buddha's, and the like, but his company is a business; those of us who run or have run a business know your limitations -- and those of us with familiarity with German (and EU) laws and regulations know that the EU government(s) would rather tax and regulate you into the ground than promote business and growth (isn't there a financial crisis over there?).
Yeah I have been reading up on the Scart-to-HDMI scaler and it seems to be gaining a reputation,but for my thruppence I love jens MKII because unlike all these other bits of kit its hidden away nicely by good design and the biggest plus do not need an external power source to drive it,a big plus and with the new config tool its a winner !
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