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Originally Posted by mrbob2 View Post
Putty Squad..... the most pirated amiga game of 2014

to be honest, how many amiga users would pay for this game, i mean to be worthwhile for the devs to pocket?

It should be released as a gesture of goodwill, not

oh look, heres some manky unfinished Adfs of a long lost amiga game, shall we bin it? no
shall we give it to the amiga community and let it spread the word and set the internet alight so it creates interest so ps3, pc, nintedo sales get a boost?

no, sod em. thier desperate so lets capitalise on them and sell it for money
I had contact to System 3 (and other companies) a couple of times and tried to create interest for the platform again and am positive surprised that it seems there is some.

"Putty Squad..... the most pirated amiga game of 2014 "

if i read this (even when meant funny) I get a little upset because it counteracts all my own efforts. All companies are not there for making people happy but the main motivation is making money. If that is not possible because "Amigians" have reserved their old attitude "why pay for something you get for free" there will be no reason for anyone to support the platform. Then we stay where we are now, some opensource ports and homebrew software on a pure retro platform. I would like it to become more, and you?
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