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Last week i was watching the prices of what things i have sold for on ebay. Ive seen magazine issues in worse condition and sold single for an average of 8$...ive seen the a1000 system w/o original box sell for 250$, monitor same thing...i have a unique job that allows me to collect things you would not believe...i am having my own auction here soon and have finished inventorying my currently sits at over 400 items of various valuables ranging from antiques to currency, stamps, precious metals, household items, electronics, vehicular items, fluids, hugo boss/prada/armani shoes, shirts, suits, pants and much more...naturally, when i receive an item, i immediately search ebay and refine my search down to "sold items only" and get an idea of what im sitting on...based on what ive seen on ebay, i believe with the right advertising, this collection can fetch maybe up to 3,000-5,000$? Ive watched pieced together, heavily used parts without original boxes or manuals sell in the hundreds. As ive said, average 8$ per mag...thats just a stupid, wrinkly, stained, single mag at 8$ average...i have a stack in mint condition...i have high hopes on this collection and feel it is pretty much 1 of a kind and maybe have some of the best condition amiga periphenilia remaining on this planet...i will post more pics/details about this system when i have time to dig it out and test...if you can find a collection a complete and in same or bette condition, please show me...
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