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I bought a UK A1000 last year for £200 - its pretty yellowed but works a treat. Came with a Commodore monitor (again quite yellow) and a big box of disks. All work OK and complete with cables - no box or manuals which was no problem for me.

In the UK, the smaller sized programming books can fetch upto £15 depending on the title and condition. The programmers reference guide books (the larger ones) can go for anything upto £20 (which is a bit strange as they are potentially be out of date now anyway... KS1.1, K1.2, KS1.3 etc...).

OK, there is a difference between UK and Canada as far as prices and demand goes but if it were me, I would be tempted to split the collection. I consider myself a collector and personally wouldn't spend big money on a A1000 system even with pristine packaging.

I have multiple copies of manuals now, so unless they are A1000 specific, I wouldnt want them - not the non-Commodore published ones anyway.

I wouldn't collect the magazines - I personally dont like to read old articles and adverts. I have, in the past, had magazines with systems, and they tend to stack up in my spare room and I eventually give them away to friends. I suppose the magazines must be worth £1/ea if you sell them.

The big problem is you need to know if it works!!

As emufan stated, you can connect it! I have never known anyone worrying about 'dropping' or 'scuffing' their machine (or even loosing parts!!).

Nobody in their right mind is going to buy a system from you for 'big money' when you said you haven't plugged it in and tested it because you were concerned you were going to drop it.

Also, some of the prices on eBay are a bit crazy (especially the stuff from the USA). Your best bet is to keep an eye on the things which actually sell. Thats what the 'watch' functions for.

Anyway good luck with your sale.
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