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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I *believe* this is a known bug. Predating ST-TH's involvement but he may have done some analysis on the issue.

AFAIK it happens both on the broomstick AND when using the eagle at the same locations. It was not a widely reported problem so I think it depends on your route.

Unknown if it affects the German version.

Why do you use the words "memory manager buggy" have you analyzed the problem?
yes indeed ! the game reports via its internal message : the OS has run out of memory ! And the game exits directly to the workbench.

Also, the game reports corrupted save files (it's not, it's only the memory manager which has memory leaks.....)
this made clear that a special debugging whdload slave is needed, and as such, i will wait for CFOU availability in 2 weeks

i have already started to go to most cities, found little errors here and there, and i have corrected them.

i have one actually in Illien, when talking to a woman. I also confirm through the first tests that if a script file has an erroneous hexa count of the sentence to display, the parser is bugging out !

Going back to the error in file 31 of 3D background, do you know which file it's located in ?

EDIT : Crash source found ! a file is really corrupted or missing ! i have picked the 1map_data, 2map_data,3map_data from the german release, and there is no more problems if you go to twinlake with the broomstick !

EDIT 2 : Bug located in the english file 2Map_data.amb

EDIT 3 : i confirm that the english 2Map_data.amb is knackered. the german file must be used. I made a test, i have picked
the german file, translated it in french like i did with the english one, and it works flawlessly. The english file even if i pick it fresh,
once the files are translated, keep telling me that a file can't be loaded.

i'll look forward with CFOU to see which file it is specifically.

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