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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
I really doubt that Marcuz wants to earn big $$$ by creating an Amiga game I rather took it as a 'philosophical' discussion as what would make you buy a new game.
Right! I suppose that I should have more clear, in light of the occasional thread by devs sponsoring their games by using the question "how many of you would buy etc."
I'm not developing a game for Amiga, I was just curious on your reasons anout the topic.

My reason is that, lacking a specific reason making a game concept or game-play perfectly suited for a particular machine (as long as that machine is not so rare that would keep recipient of the game from it, because the goal there is always to reach your public), well that game could be made for current platforms too.

What makes me curious was and is what can be considered a game concept or game-play perfectly suited for Amiga that would overcome the price tag, and I read here very good insights!

[edit]So much so, that for instance, a Monkey Island 3a would actually, following the reasoning, make me spend money on it more happily on Amiga than on PC, not because of nostalgia reasons, but because 16 colors Scumm graphics to me never were better and better suited to a game than they were to MI1 on Amiga. But maybe that's a stretch of logic.
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