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huge collection you got there, congrats.
i'm not an expert, but if you look into the A1000 user guide, it will tell you how to plug things together.
you just need to connect the keyboard, the mouse and plugin the monitor.
ensure you plugin the monitor in the correct connector of the amiga.
look into the manual , if you are unsure.
external diskdrive not needed at the moment.
dont connect / disconnect things after powering-on the computer. first switch of the amiga and other devices.
you got some floppy disks? look for a kickstart-disk. this you have to insert first - it will load a short time. then you can insert a workbench disk. after a moment you should see the workbench.

ensure the write-protection of the disk is on.

edit: a [ Show youtube player ] of someone playing with a1000 may give you some hints.
some more A1000 related videos:
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

dont hurry with the setup - if you are unsure about anything, just ask here and wait for an answer. someone for sure will help - may take some time, sometimes

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