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Amiga 1000 pc + 1080 color monitor + 1010 drive + 56 mags/manuals

I am currently sitting on these items...
Would like to know why u guys think...

Amiga 1000 personal computer system

Amiga 1080 color monitor

Amiga 1010

All of which are in their original boxes, plastic wraps and styrofoam holders. Although i suspect they have been used...
(Im weary about opening anything up in fear that something may go awry)

Also in this complete package, a massive list of magazines and manuals.

These include:
(Every book could be described as being in "pristine" condition)

Amazing Computing for the Commodore Amiga

Amiga world May 90

Amiga world June 90

Amiga world Dec 90

Amiga world Nov 90

Amiga world July 90

Amiga world Oct 90

Amiga world Aug 90

Amiga world Sept 90

Amiga world March 91

Amiga world Apr 91

Amiga world Jan 91

Amiga world Feb 91

Amiga world Dec.86

Amiga world Jan/feb 87

Amiga world jan 90

Amiga world feb 90

Amiga user feb 89

Amiga user jan 90

Amiga user Oct 89

TI Programmable 58C/59 solid state software libraries

TI Programmable 58C/59 Master library

Amazing amiga vol 4 num 16

Amazing amiga vol 4 num 11

Amazing amiga hardware expansion

Amazing amiga vol. 4 num. 12

Amazing computing Vol. 1 num. 8

Amazing computing june 86

Info for commodore jul/aug 1989

Amiga transactor creating your own device

Amiga transactor oct 89

Amiga transactor Sept 89

Amiga resource feb 90

Amiga resource Apr 90

Intuition reference manual

Dos developers manual

Dos tech reference manual

Hardware reference manual

Dos users manual

Rom kernel ref man: exec

Rom kernel ref man: libraries and devices

Personal programming 58c/59

Programmers handbook vol 1, 2

Advanced amiga basic

Waite groups: inside the amiga with C

Amiga C for beginners

Modula-2 +enhanced release

Lattice c compiler

Compute’s programmers guide

Softwood file 2

Inside amiga graphics

Amigados manual

The amiga system: an introduction

Enhancer software featuring amigados vers 1.2

Intro to amiga

Amiga basic (has minor wrinkles along the spine/bindings)
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