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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
I really doubt that Marcuz wants to earn big $$$ by creating an Amiga game I rather took it as a 'philosophical' discussion as what would make you buy a new game. The C64, Neo Geo or Dreamcast are dead too, but there are commercial games released for them that use the hardware to the max. Those are made also because people love to make them, but they also aren't afraid to ask for some money for them. As I said: The game has to be at least decent and hopefully astonishing to raise my interest, but I think it's realistic that you could sell such a game even for a dead platform.

And exactly those games nobody needs... They are just 're-cooked' games from other platforms and make little to no sense on the Amiga.
I talked about "commercial" development. I personal prefer to have exclusiv games too but for that you need a lot of idealism at the moment.
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