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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
Okay I shall re-phrase what I have said as I didn't explain properly.

It is 2013, the Amiga has been dead for well over a decade (Commodore went down 19 years ago!) and is kept alive by a very small community. Whilst I would love to see a commercial quality release, at a very affordable price let's be completely honest, this post is to gauge financial interest before a game has even been thought about and considered. The whole point of this thread is to gauge interest on anyone who would be willing to pay, so determine if it would be worth doing. Hence it is financially motivated.

If you love the Amiga and want to make a game, then make the game out of love and fun, release a decent demo and if there is demand then sure sell it, but to me 15 euro's (around £12.70, $19.50US) is far too expensive and is bordering on commercial pricing. I am sorry but simply not worth it. If you want to make money in game development learn JAVA or whatever and release to the hundreds of millions of mobile customers, you'll at least get a little reward for your efforts.

As for those knocking my post. I am simply being realistic and honest
I had contacted former amiga-developers and there is interest. One problem is that many indy developers use off-the-shelve game engines (some are opensource, some are commercial). So when we want more games we need at least some of these engines. If people just need to recompile their software they will. To get exclusive new games optimized for f.e. A500 needs a lot of "love" and there is no chance to motivate commercial developers to do it. So you want games you need to make it easy (and thus cheap) to support the platform. Very simple (and realistic and honest too )
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