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@bippym, but also in general:
no, I get that the majority, like bippym and other think the platform buried if not for retrogame, I do, I for one I'm tied to the myth of amiga games, like many of members in a retrogame board on internet for nostalgic reasons.

But I want here to consider the actual reason why, if any, a new production would or could be interesting. In other worlds: is there something that could be do on Amiga that cannot be done on a modern platform or that simply would have added practicality value on Amiga instead of on other platforms?

And I'm saying a price because I don't mean something a fan like you or me would cook up in his own free time, but something a producer would use his own day job time to do, so, something that would follow the same rules that a game produced in 1992 would do. [edit: because, apparently someone does, strange as it may seem, and also because I do believe that in some way little, symbolic or else, work has to be payed].

So I find interesting answers like Alkis's too, because I'm thinking there are two options mostly: either retrogaming fans are biased, (not judging that badly, here) or in fact there's difference in current gameplay and Amiga gameplay other than the obvious appearance, imho.
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