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Originally Posted by mikrucio View Post
oh woops! sorry lads.

Yeah a AAA Title includes but is not limited to =>

High production values
An Engrossing story line
Artistic graphics
Excellent music and sound FX
New and progressive game mechanics.

Keep the votes coming!
just my two cent :-)

Some people are now completing a new 68k game (Opensource) called Amega-One. Hardware required is 68060 + RTG. I think the common classic hardware base now is 68030 + AGA right now. So if anyone really plans to do something commercial with "WOW effect" it should something above A500 + ECS. I would certainly buy a game to support development and to build up a market again. And I agree with fishy, 68k is not dead and with mobile platforms supported (Android) there are even new chances for commercial development.
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