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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
I'd happily pay that much money for a well made platformer, shoot 'em up or run-and-gun game that I can't really find anymore on recent systems[/SIZE]
Ha! Now, that's interesting, in reasoning abot it, I didn't consider that specificity to a developing platform could be also the fact that a particular genre is so well connected that it would make more sense instead a new game in that genre than a game that is less special to it.
Thanks TCD!

Originally Posted by Lielo View Post
I think creating games for the Amiga has to come from love for the machine.
Would you define that love based on "what was like to play on Amiga in your youth" so nostalgic reasons or on other specificity that would makes Amiga of value now, for instance what TCD says above, or something else, like coding reasons, or versatility of the machine that could be exploited by a new game?
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