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I'd happily pay that much money for a well made platformer, shoot 'em up or run-and-gun game that I can't really find anymore on recent systems (I don't play on cellphones). Given the game has to be made to match my expectations and since I'm a spoilt brat it needs to play in the league of Ruff 'n Tumble, Turrican or Apidya. Otherwise I don't see much sense in creating a new game except for very innovative ideas on a classic concept, but still I'd like to see decent graphics and sturdy controls plus a non-earache soundtrack. I think some developments for the other systems like Gunlord show that it's not impossible to revamp a classic genre and give people that love to play those something new

P.S.: For a really well made game I'd even spend more than 15 Euro

(thank you Marcuz for creating a proper thread )
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