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Sorry, I dont want to hijack the thread, but this is actually something I was wondering about as well, so rather than start a new poll I thought Id ask a few questions more in-line with what I wouldve asked in my own poll/thread.

As some of you are aware Im constantly tinkering away on doing something amiga related. My main interests are in creating original software, but I always struggle to complete a ful game. Not that I dont have the kowledge/skill required, but for other factors. Because of this Ive finished a lot more ports than original software.

As for the afore mentioned factors they can be tricky at times.

Now this is purely my perspective, but it goes a little something like:

Despite their "retro" label the 68k amigas are still capable of creating games that "mainstream" gamers wouldnt shun for their retro nature. Given even a moderately upgraded machine ('020 upwards plus fastram) and the right game selection and a "classic" amiga can still create a good version of some of the bread and butter game styles mobile devices, sbox live, psn, etc. thrive on.
This however takes time and at least a few dedicated people. Now bare in mind Im thinking from a perspective that I dont want a "pd style" game (even if there's some good ones), but rather modern production values, good graphics/animation, good sound/music, etc. In short something a person would expect from an amiga game in the current day. To get these dedicated people onboard however can require a few incentives (ie. I cant afford to pay too much out myself, so it'd be good to make a little back).

Yes Im aware that the amiga is completely outclassed today, and doesnt have a lot of wow factor compared to what people are used to today, but as I said if a person chooses wisely a pleasant enough looking/sounding game if more than possible.

I know pricing s a factor for people, but I cant say exactly what yet. It's come down to costs of packaging, box, etc. I would try to make it as close to $20 as possible though and offer a cheap downloadable copy. Hypothetical for now of course though.

Now that I got that out of the way, my poll wouldve gone a little something like:

Would You Pay For a New Commercial Quality 68k Amiga Game?

Yes, if it's a good game.

Yes, if it's good and matches my tastes.

Maybe, but only if it's system friendly so I can run it on OS4/MOS/Amithlon.

Maybe. I'd wait until I heard feedback of finished game and then decide.

Probably not. Im happy with all the freely downloadable amiga games, but if it's cheap I still may.


Anyway, like I said, sorry for the thread hijacking. If people could answer the original question, but also consider my questions in their responses Id appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.
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