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Why a new Amiga game in 2013? Your opinions.

I was curious on your reasons why a new Amiga game in 2013 could be interesting.

I'm assuming there's people who would not care in the least or would find the idea terrible, and people on the other hand who would be very interested in it.

So I'll be more specific: I'm NOT talking about a game found completely preserved and not previously released, maybe a chapter one, maybe a sequel to your favorite game, made in 1992 and only now resurfacing through AGTW, that would be invested of a different kind of attention.

I'm talking about a game that whoever would develop now and release with a 15 euros or the equivalent in dollars, pounds, etc, price tag, a sum that I guess is somehow middle ground between low cost productions and blockbusters, like games that get out for current platform from indie developers.

Why to you would such a game be interesting on Amiga, (I' could say on any retro platform, but let's limit to this one)?

Just out of curiosity.
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