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Keyrah V2

Hi guys i just noticed this

Revised new edition of the popular Keyrah interface

Keyrah V2 is the revised version of the very popular Keyrah interface. Keyrah V2 allows you to connect the keyboards of classic computer systems to modern computers via USB. It also supports digital joysticks of such classic systems, translating the joystick events to key strokes. The list of the supported classic systems has almost remained the same:
  • Commodore 64 (all models)
  • VIC-20
  • C-128*
  • C-128D*
  • C-16
  • C-116**
  • Plus/4**
  • Amiga 1200
  • Amiga 600
* There are no longer connectors fitted for the Commodore 128/128D, but those can be added if necessary (soldering required).
** There are also no connectors for the Plus/4 and C-116, those can also be fitted (PCB modification and soldering required).

What's new?

Unlike the old Keyrah interface that required you to choose between the different supported computer families, Keyrah V2 comes in a single version that works with all systems. It also supports both German and English keyboard layouts, so this distinction is also history. Keyrah V2 provides a jumper that lets you choose the desired configuration, you can either set it to 8-Bit with German keymap, 8-Bit with US keymap, or Amiga.

Keyrah V2's new switch still allows you to switch between the standard and the emulation keymap (just like the old Keyrah did), and it still looks like the original power switch when built into a Commodore 64. Now there's a third switch position that allows you to send an ACPI signal to shut down/power up your computer. To avoid triggering the shutdown procedure by accident, this third position is not locked, so the switch will always flip back from it if not held in place. (The ACPI signal is only sent after remaining one second in this position.)

Please note: USB cable not included.
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