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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
I think an option is missing. If I were to make an Amiga game and sell it in a fancy box, I would also release a free download of it.

Unless the game is really shoddy, I think a majority of people enjoying it would actually pay for a boxed copy, even if it's available as a free download.
I would pay full price for a box copy (£30) and £10 for a download version, the full price one could include a CD with ADFs and production content... A trailer, demo and concept work... It does have to be at least A standard. As for the genre, I would play it no matter what... It's a new commercial Amiga game!

As for what machine, stock A1200... That would probably capture most people, of course there's always Winuae...

I would like to see a classic style game, 2D or untextured 3D, perhaps mix of both, I would like modern concepts used like saving high scores and achievements etc
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