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Where are these locations within the game rather than in files? Have you taken a look to see if the v1.05 German ones "clean"?

I don't doubt that these could be anomolies and that you've done a great job finding them. But in my mind finding and changing files is only half the job. Especially when the bugs were not reported.

In my mind it could mean many things :

1) These are game crashing bugs but they are on sub-plots that not many players try and so were never reported?
2) These are not errors but legal codes which do things you don't yet know about?
2) These are errors but the parser is good enough to handle them?
3) These errors are in sections of the game which don't exist anymore?
4) These errors only cause minor text formatting problems and so no-one reported them?

Can we (you) deliberately put errors like this in at the start of the game so we can quickly see the effect of the bugs and then the effect of the fix?

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