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Just got around to trying out the new config tool and core and I must say it is working quite well now. I tried PAL, NTSC, XTREME, HighGFX and HD720 and they all give a good picture and only needed minor adjustments. The color shifting is gone (like it says in the readme) and I seem to get a picture in all modes now without my monitor suddenly shutting off..

There is a vertical red line at the right that I see in some modes, which he is also mentioning in the readme. Also, the test picture seems to some times be a few pixels off compared to my WB screen. My HighGFX WB screen was two pixels off to the right, but the test picture looked correct.

All this is merely a minor inconvenience, and I think this is how the tool should have been with the release of the MkII.

Now we're just hoping for some vsync goodness, and it'll be ready for gaming as well. Grafitti sounds nice, but what's it really good for as long as there is no WB driver for it? Has anyone actually used it on the ECS?

Originally Posted by lurch View Post
Have read through the entire thread, had it working nicely with the first beta config tool but the latest has broken my config :-(
Other resolutions come out as if someone has sat on them, so WHDLoad games look narrow/widescreen.
I'm using a Dell Ultrasharp 2407WFP if that helps.
You need to delete all the old files and start from scratch with the new core and corresponding files. If PAL interlaced works, PAL should work as well since its using the same output resolution just with line doubling enabled. Also, set your monitor scaling to aspect so it won't stretch the screen to wide screen. All the modes are working fine on my 2408WFP, so I'm guessing it should on yours as well.
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