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Originally Posted by Cymru View Post
I thought one could download the TOSEC collection's Amiga ROMs for free. I've been to the site and there they are just a click away.
Yep, although the discussion was about using Cloanto's ROMs. I was just interested in the possible tech solution side of the conversation.
Finding them online has always been a pretty easy option.

Also, there are some people who feel that buying Cloanto's collection is a legal way of getting the ROMs.
Personally, I think that's wrong. I think Cloanto's license is only for the ROMs when used in emulation (specifically theirs), but IANAL.

I've got real Amigas, I've got AmigaForever, I've got DLd ROMs, I've got burned ROMs. It's all good at this stage. IMHO. ;-)

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