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Originally Posted by Yarc View Post
I'm having a couple of issues at the moment:

If I go into VGA modes from the config tool and create a new mode from an existing one, on exiting this dialog I find the config tool is then unresponsive and I have to restart it. A minor glitch.

The other problem though is a little more confusing. I have written a program that uses a 320 X 200 4 bit plane display and recreates the boing ball demo (based on source code from Jimmy Maher's code from his excellent book "The Future was here") and has not been changed in anyway since the previous cores. Before the update this program displayed nicely on my monitor with the AGAMk2 selecting PAL 800X600 60Hz. However, now the Mk2 considers the output mode is DBL PAL and wont display correctly? The whole screen is shifted to the right, and just completely wrong. Why should the MK2 see this resolution mode as different now?

Perhaps I should uninstall everything and try reinstalling again? I think as soon as I have some spare time I will try this, but just wondered if anybody else has seen this?


Solved the issue. I had the DBLPAL driver in the DEVS:Monitors directory. Just deleted it and everything is fine now. The AGAMk2 is a great device, I am very pleased with it.
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