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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
About the sansrie key, have you been able yourself to test the bugfix ?
No. Or at least I don't think so. It takes so much time to get from the start to the place where you test the fix. Unless I was sent a game-save near by at the time.

Unfortunately as I said I no longer have access to the emails of the time. And I don't remember the name of the original coder who did the fixes and made the tools. If I ever find the disc containing the lotus-notes database I will share them. But I fear that it has been thrown away.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
but many guys around could have been testing those new exes by finishing the game
1) You can finish the game without this patch.
2) I was certain I had shared it privately with people helping test. Perhaps I am mistaken.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
and today, aside the extraction-insertion tools, nothing remains (or seems so).
Plus the 10's of text patches written by the Russian coder who first helped, myself, Hexaae (and Meynef) and now yourself.

What I will do is I will release the "Ambermoon Walkthrough" written by Michael Böhnisch. It is a step-by-step guide to completing the game in incredible detail. It is concise, so hard not to get spoilers for the next section, but it has more information (in English) than any other source.

We can release it at the same time you release your French translation.

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