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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
They are supposedly the same PCB, but i imagine that they are loaded with different software configuration, and might even come with different speed memories and what not. Just saying i'm not entirely convinced a 1220 can be upgraded to a 1232 in the home office. Upgrading from 68020/16 to /25... sure, that might be doable. I'd hate to be the one trying and finding out that it's not, but who ever tries, good luck.

If we are really lucky, Jens brings a few words on the topic, like "might work, but your on your own" or "No, i doubt that will work, but comes down to luck of the draw with memory speeds"
Indeed I wasn't expecting to upgrade to 030, probably different CPLD.

But to swap out that plastic 020 for my Gold one and overclock to 25mhz would be nice
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