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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
He posted this image on "page 4" of this thread. I'm not sure if that still stands, but it's your card, so i wont tell you what you can, or cant do...

I'm thinking he might have changed things before production making the info obsolete, possible even risky to use. Looking at the Vesalia image it's a 25Mhz cpu, with a 16.6MHz setting, if i read everything right. Seams unlikely, and if he changed anything, well, then "everything" goes out the window...
Good luck...

On the other hand, AmigaKit seams to have used the same 33MHz version image for both the ACA1232 25&33 MHz images, And there the setting does match the one in the picture above here. CPU, & speed "jumper" seams set to 33Mhz.

Oh, and the image seams to show the backside, where as the store images show the front.
Oooo, this is interesting, I have an ACA1220/16 here and a nice Gold 25mhz 020 processor sitting here not doing anything.

I have the ACA1232/33 and as far as I can tell PCB's are the same.

(this is my evil mind thinking about what I should do next)
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