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Originally Posted by majsta View Post
.... I understand that I need to have ClassAct2 to support NewIcons but I m not satisfied with the final results and I have no idea how to improve that. .... Ok for now I installed newicons and trying to copy some more icons but again only succeed with heinz_oliver.lha package using IconImgCopier.lha. So again I need to beg PeterK to write step by step tutorial about his projects. Also I remember that was some icon copier who had different approach the same litle panel with left side copy and right side paste not separated like this I m using. Update: IconMaster is tool I have seen somewhere For last 3 days I m stuck with this.
1. You don't need ClassAct2 for NewIcons. On my IconDemoADF is a NiPrefs tool which works with the standard gadtools.library GUI.
2. There is a modified version of Stephan Rupprecht's CopyIcon tool on the IconDemoADF image, working with WB 3.0+ already. But you can also use IconMaster if you prefer that. Sorry, I don't know IconImageCopier yet.
3. In order to get my icon.library and the NewIcons patch to work properly on a WB 3.1 system you will have to do exactly the same steps that are done in my startup-sequence. Don't install NewIcons a second time in the User-Startup.
4. I would recommend also to copy over all the utilities from my WBStartup drawer into yours like you should copy all other missing files from the IconDemoADF onto your system. Do you really need a tutorial for that?

Version >NIL: icon.library 46 REVISION 4
   LoadResident >NIL: LIBS:icon.library REBOOT
SetPatch QUIET
PatchWB  >NIL: ; optional
PatchRAM >NIL: ; optional
MinStack       ; optional
MakeDir RAM:T RAM:Clipboards RAM:ENV RAM:ENV/Sys
Copy >NIL: ENVARC:sys/
Assign >NIL: ENV:     RAM:ENV
Assign >NIL: T:       RAM:T
Assign >NIL: KEYMAPS: DEVS:Keymaps
Assign >NIL: LOCALE:  SYS:Locale
Assign >NIL: LIBS:    SYS:Classes ADD
FBlit      ; must be FBlit 3.79+ to work correctly
NiRTGset ENV:NewIcons.prefs   ; RTG mode for FBlit
Run >NIL: NewIcons
FPPrefs    ; for MWB colors

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