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is it possible to give us some *good* values for 50hz modes ? I have been testing with mine but with a try-and-fail strategy and I came up with 2 modes that don't crap out after a while:

a. 800x600 49,440 hz

b. 800x600 50,080 hz

the 50,080hz one works better as you can imagine... but I don't trust the values I used to make it, is there a chance you give us some values that adhere to the rules?

I also noticed something else while testing... sometimes I get a mode working for ~5-6mins and then the monitor just goes to sleep. Now if the mode that failed was a pal one in a whdload game one might think that quiting the game would work since the mk2 would switch to the different wb screenmode or powercycle the monitor to fix this.
But it does not, not even resetting the amiga works. I must do a power-cycle on the amiga to get usable output from the mk2 again. Could it be that the mk2 gets "stuck" or something?

edit: also this bug remains for me: if I go edit a screenmode (or even open the VGA MODES window) then on the main window I cannot select a mode from the list, it remains stuck on Euro36 until I quite the program.

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