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There's a lot of options, but a quick rundown:

birdie2k: lets you use a bitmap image with window "frames".
Visualprefs: lets you alter the look of gadgets, scrollbars, containers, lines, ghosted areas, etc, etc.
mui: not just for aesthetics, but rather a full gui toolkit.
afa_os: covers all that birdie and visualprefs do, and adds things like anti-aliased fonts and dual image png icons. Requires 16bit and upward screenmodes though so RTG only.
Magicmenu2: allows pop-up menus rather than just being restricted to using drag down menus from top of the screen. Also allows transparent and colored menus.
Toolsdaemon: lets a user add software of their choice to drop down menus (or pop-up if using MagicMenu2.

There's an absolute plethora of options out there, but this is a good start
Feel free to ask if you want more
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