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I haven`t experiences with ClassicWB or similar but you can read/analyze S-S, U-S and WBStartup to know what is going on and which programs are resposible for GUI stuff. As far as I know there isn`t a all-in-one tool. You have to use different tools for different tasks. A must have is MUI, because it is used by many programs. Scalos is a WB-Replacement and you should only use it if you want to replace the WB. DOpus5 can be used as replacement, too. You might have a look at VisualPrefs what can customize Amiga GUI.

On the other hand you need to (I recommend) patch some OS3.1 stuff to make it use fastram instead of chipram, else you run out of chipram quickly. E.g. FBlit, a newer picture.datatype and maybe other datatypes that don`t stick to chipram.

If you want to understand how all works you have to read a lot.
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