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Stuck with improving WB3.1 look

New users of workbench 3.1 may get confused with some things. So far I have used only WB2.1 with MagicBench and nothing more. Now I decided to start using WB3.1 and on the web I have seen some amazing look of WB3.1 and so far I m not even near to accomplish something like that. I didn't find any useful tutorials on the net and to tell you the truth I have no idea what to install and what is the correct order of packages I need to install. It seems that I need to install half of aminet to get something look nice. What is the correct procedure for having nice icons? I was truing number of combinations for past few days and I m going nowhere. All testings are done on WinUAE before transferring CF to A600. So I have few questions.
1. I installed ClassAct2Demo.lha and NewIcons46.lha and used standard iff 16 color image for WBPattern is this correct order how everyone done it?
2. Do I really need to install MUI and Scalos to get better results. What do I get installing scalos regarding this.
3. What do I get with new icon.library from PeterK and how to use it.

At the end it would be nice to someone in simple words create tutorial how its done or maybe I didn't find any.
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