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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
Why cant I use Overscan for the interlace resolutions? I do not remember having this problem ever before? I guess its not even an Indivision problem but something with the OS?
It's just the example config that I have created: I have set PAL non-lace to non-overscan but S-Hires in order to have exact 1280 pixels on the X-axis. Remember that Indivision does not do any scaling, and the amount of pixels taken in from the Amiga side will be exactly what appears on the output side. As someone pointed out yesterday: The higher resolution you choose for the output display, the smaller the resulting picture.

As you have noticed here, this also works the other way round: If you choose a too-small output resolution, the picture will appear zoomed (i.e. too big). There's two ways to solve this: Either choose a smaller input resolution, or choose a higher output resolution.

Originally Posted by Turran View Post
Appreciate any help or ideas on that, as well as if anyone have the "half-screen blinking" using HighGFX when clicking stuff on the workbench.
That is most likely a software problem on your Amiga:

- eliminate the tool VGAonly from your installation - this will only cause trouble. Sometimes it's in the startup-sequence, sometimes it slipped in the devs:monitors/ directory

- check for any remainders of CGX or Picasso, they might cause trouble

- only use Kick/OS3.1 or higher monitor drivers. Kick/WB3.0 monitor drivers are buggy.

If you don't see all the monitor types in your screenmode and overscan prefs, make sure that the drivers are located in DEVS:monitors/ directory. On standard installations, some of the more exotic monitor drivers are located in sys:storage/monitors, where the system does not see them. Move them over to devs/monitors and restart your machine, then you will see the screenmodes. I'm not saying that all those monitor drivers are a good idea to use - in fact, many of them produce so funny resolutions that none of today's screens aspect ratio is approached.

Note that the overscan prefs program does not make a difference between interlace and non-interlace like Indivision does. I have introduced this difference in order to have different screenmodes for "games vs. workbench": While most (not all) games use Hires non-interlace but overscan, you might want to set your WB to interlace, S-Hires and non-overscan in order to closely approach a standard monitor's resolution. That's the whole idea behind my example config that I included in the archive.

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