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Das ist prima, Jens, danke schon!

Blue edges gone, Test mode now working (was buggy for me and I encountered freezes on Indivision before).

Indivision MkII officially rocks now. Really glad I waited for these updates and and am looking forward to 50Hz Vsynced output (I am lucky enough to own two LCDs which support 50Hz natively even on DVI )

Slightly off topic suggestion:

What I would *love* is if there was some kind of way a piece of software could kill the Indivision output, or turn the sync signal off, or send a DCIM sleep mode signal or, whatever.

So for example if I have a CyberGraphX screen in the foreground, Indivision output could be disabled and my monitor would fall back onto the graphics card's output.

I believe Ratte has done a similar patch already that controls his automatic monitor switch. I don't have one of those, but my monitor lets you set input priority. If that could be adapted to tell Indivision to go to sleep..?

Just a thought anyway.

Keep up the great work, Jens
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