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Config tool V1.1 and cores V2.6 released:

changes in config tool:
The complete config can now be saved to a single file. This will make it easier to exchange configurations from user to user. An example file for a 1280x1024 monitor is included. You can either load a specific config from a file, or you can load the "last saved config", which can be seen as an "undo" function.

A default config can bow be set, which uses a "safe" screenmode for every Amiga-screenmode. This function can be seen as a "reset", in case you want to start from a clean starting point.

changes in cores:
- counters for upper and lower padding areas have been corrected: The number of lines on the output side is now correct, even if black borders need to be added at the top and bottom.

- if the output side has reached the end of pixel data in memory, it has ended the line prematurely. This lead to an unexpected increase of output frequencies. These new cores now insert black pixels until the user-set number of output pixels is reached. In other words: Even if you enter an insanely large output window that the Amiga does not output, the frequency that the config tool displays will be met.

- the blue colour component was shifted to the right - fixed in this core.

- the lower 4 bits of the green colour component was taken from the neighbouring pixel, which is also fixed in V2.6.

- the critical path of pixel data going into and out of the memory chip has been shortened: The flickering vertical red line does not appear any more.

- some power settings of the FPGA were way too high. These have been reduced to the required minimum, so the FPGA does not crash any more when higher pixel clocks are being used.

- the two rightmost pixels of the screen were not displayed at all, which is corrected in V2.6. If you still see a vertical red line at the right border, then this is an indicator that you are trying to view a part of the screen that is already way outside the overscan
area. Although the Amiga does not output this line the way that Indivision dosplays it, we will NOT fix this. Instead, you should set the output window size to a sane amount of pixels that comes halfway close to what the Amiga is generating. Another way of fixing that red line is to use the tool "BorderBlank" which can be found on Aminet. This will also get rid of the red line.

known problems:
- V-Syncing still is not implemented
- Graffiti emulation is not yet implemented
- screenmodes are not properly recognized on some systems

We will continue to work on that, but first, I want to close all open support cases.

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