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Please correct this post, as its completely incorrect. Jens reported to us that it was damage by you. We then passed this information on to you.

Not once did we refuse to help you. It was sent to Jens for inspection after we tested it to confirm your issue. When it came back from Jens after repair we tested it again and confirmed it was now working. It was then sent to you after you paid for Jens's repair bill.

I was'nt being snippy at all. I was just trying to explain that I didnt create the archive, which you were telling me I didnt supply the install script for.

Please check your ticket, hopefully you should be able to get it working.
I didn't say you refused to help me, but what instructions you've given me so far have been incomplete and garbled. "Not sure why you are blaming me for it not having an install script." That's doesn't sound like professional customer service, does it?

Reflashed back to the original cores, I took my Amiga to a PC shop to try it on their monitors, just to make sure it wasn't one of my LCDs causing an issue. It actually works, but only on 1 out of 4 monitors in the shop. I've bought a brand new monitor that works happily with the Indy.

I must have had the Indy out of my machine a score of times before I've got up to this point. Messing this much with 20+ year old computers is a good way to kill fragile, old technology. I really appreciate being able to retrofit old computers and keep them working with contemporary tech, and I've added USB ports and SD hard drives to my even older BBC Micros, which are a breeze. But this whole process has been bloody unnecessarily difficult. It's pretty easy to implement a step by step list of instructions that would avoid all of this, and more importantly not stress old circuitry.

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