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Originally Posted by JaYgRp View Post
I've just tryed with Utilpatch:


This don't help to gain extra frames.
Ok. I don't think the speed increase comes from avoiding trapped instructions. Oxy may turn on some caches or change some CPU settings. I think your system should be running at oxy speed most of the time without oxy. Next test is to run Scout before and after oxy for comparison.

Click on "System" (or French equivalent) from the main menu. It will bring up a window with tabs at the top for "Hardware", "Registers", "Uptime", "Versions", "Memory" and "Last Alert". Click on "Registers". If VBR: $00000000, interrupts will likely be slow although this can be virtually remapped to a location in fast ram and still read $00000000 (Mu 68060.library does this and it's much better for compatibility with old games). I suspect that oxy moves the VBR to fast ram and that's why it gives you a speed increase. Also, my 68060 reads:

InstCache: enabled, burst
DataCache: enabled, burst
PCR: $04300601
BranchCache: enabled
68060: Superscalar, WriteBuffer, Load/Store Bypass enabled

Your settings should be the same with a rev 6 68060 or the Load/Store Bypass should be disabled and the PCR will be off by one bit. Everything else should be the same before and after running oxy.
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