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I remember your case, and I have all the documentation on file: The Unit was repaired for a very low fee, and it was marked to be especially delicate in the corner where you (or someone else) damaged the track. Damaging the track in the first place took quite some mechanical force, and if that has happened in your surroundings, I should have known in advance that it's not enough to hand over the unit with the words "it's delicate equipment".

It seems like you're the kind of customer that I won't be able to satisfy. I'll make sure that you'll get a refund. Our expectations of a working B2C relationship are too different; Please do me a favour and don't buy my products any more in the future.

Jens - it's not your product that I've got an issue with, it's AmigaKits woeful customer service. The Indy didn't work from out of the box, and I tested it for a week on various monitors, before I sent it back. I'm very careful with all of my machines, and I've got a large collection of various 1980s computers that I regularly maintain. I have no idea how the track got damaged, but I can confirm that I didn't do it. I'm not sure how much you charged AmigaTech, but the repair ended up costing me $AUS60, with postage.

AmigaTech's support immediately blamed me for damaging the Indy, and wouldn't listen to my side of it. They've been really unhelpful and actually bloody arrogant. They just seem to jump to conclusions and fly off the handle. I've had nothing but fragmented and barely useful advice from them. Providing technical help to customers has to be an end to end process, with easy to follow steps to an end result of getting the product working and the customer happy. It would really help if either AmigaKit or yourself directed buyers of your products to sites like this if the vendor can't offer constructive advice, or don't have the resources or training. As it stands AmigaTech can't offer any useful advice at all - and to make matters worse they're snippy, rude and unprofessional. With the experience I've had since September, I wouldn't buy anything from them again.

Having said that, I'm bloody determined to get my Indy to work. That's why I'm looking for alternative help from this site. I can see that other people are getting somewhere with it, and it's a great product. If I get nowhere this week though with my Indy, I really would appreciate a refund.

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