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hi amigacollector see my post 2025
Thanks John - I'm still getting zero output. I reckon I've got a faulty board here. I've just never got an output to any of my VGA monitors. I sent it back to AmigaTech almost as soon as it arrived in September - they charged me to have it fixed (there was a damaged track, that I didn't do), said it was working fine, and sent it back to me in February. Unfortunately, we've just moved across the country so my Amigas were in Storage until a month ago. I've been trying since then to get this thing working, with not a lot of help from AmigaTech. I've asked for a replacement, but I have to confirm if the board I have is working, and this I've proved via Jen's Config Tool. But I still don't have an output to my VGA monitor!

This is a bloody joke - I'm $AUS250 out of pocket as it is, and I still don't have what I paid for - a working AMIGA VGA display!

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