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Is there anyone who uses skick. It should be so simple but for 3 days I m trying to use it but without any luck. Strange thing is that there is no tutorial about this. But why should be it sound so simple copy RTB,PAT files together with same named ROM into devs:kickstarts/ dir and run skick select rom and that is it. Skick detects that there is rom present but it does not reboot system or anything. I m trying to use it on WinUAE and on real system with 2.05 roms but without any luck.
files are
kick40063.A600 also without extension does not work

First of all skick detects it as 40068. I also used KICK2RTB from MKICK to get PAT and RTB files but again the same. When I use skick from CLI the same it gives me an error that relocation table is not ok. Using skick is important for me because it has addmem feature so he can add non autoconfig mem soon as possible so system can be faster. So is there anyone using this thing.
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