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Since I am unable to attach more images due to my UserCP saying it's full (how do I delete attachments anyway?!), I'll provide the images on my DropBox:

From Left to Right:
I was unable to get anything working or even displaying on two 1440x900 monitors and found the only way to get any sort of image again was to delete all the prefs in Devs:Indivision and restore to the default using the default Flash utilityIvMK2Flash.lha. I then installed the IndyMK2Cfg.lha and left it as is.
As you can see in the first two pics, this was the default 1440x900 out of the box setting.
The last two images shows when I "doubled" the horizontal and vertical using S-Hires and Lines. Again, not a very good use of space and clearly some severe red line issues.
I then thought screw this and tested with 800x600. Even though it's not "optimal" for the monitors I tested with, it still turned out ok. I tweaked some settings which make it fill a much larger area of space, as can be see in image 3 and 4 (Sysinfo and Protracker).
I decided to leave it as-is as it's not the best solution, but is certainly usable as-is.
My Indi 800x600 60hz settings for anyone that might find it useful is:
Clock: 39.909
H-Freq: 37.792 - V-Freq: 60.178
Pixels: 800 - Lines: 600
H-Offset: 50 - V-Offset: 0
Width: 924 - Height: 323
Double: Hires Lines
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