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Originally Posted by Kenan View Post

Anyone had a similar situation?

Is there an Anonymus Amiga (Ab)users Club somewhere I could sign up to?
Been there, done that

Currently I own just over 50 Amiga's, all working and being upgraded and repaired.
I have them all, except the A3000UX, 2500UX and the A3500.

My main reason is that I wanted them already when I started out with my A500.
At that time I was a student, so not much cash to buy them.
In late 2009 I picked up, what I left in the garage around 1997 and to my surprise both A500's worked.

I bought an A1200, 600, 2000, 4000D and 3000D in 1 week.
In 2010 alone I bought 22 Amiga's.
2011 was the big year, again some 20 Amiga's including 3000T and 3000T 040 and also my first A4000T.
2012 was a lot less, 6 or something, but again an A4000T and a second A2500 and 3000D.
2013 so far is mainly been A1200's.
I also got most 060 cards and RTG cards, I'm focused more on 030 and 060 cards, I have very few 040 cards and 1 Cyberstorm PPC.

All of them are mainly for games and demos and most of them turn up at events, so yes, they are all used at least once a year.
My main system is the 3000T and for games my mint A1200HD40.
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