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Mostly complete TOSEC collection

Originally Posted by antonvaltaz View Post
Wow, I've only just stumbled across this... and was surprised that it's not provoked more discussion.

I'm guessing most people here will know that the Internet Archive is not just another warez hosting site. It's a huge digital library, according to Wikipedia it is officially registered as a library in the State of California, and has an annual budget of $10 million with 200 employees.

And it's quite openly hosting a complete TOSEC archive of Amiga games - including SPS / IPF titles which it has apparently been given permission to do by the US Government, not to mention the equivalents for many other formats (for example, it includes ZX Spectrum games which the World of Spectrum site was specifically prohibited from hosting by the copyright owners).

Even if the TOSEC set isn't quite up to date, that still seems like a fairly big deal to me...
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