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I've just swapped over to my backup Workbench CF drive that has more room (my main drive's Workbench is full). The config tool is fully installed. The Indy appears to be working - the tool seemed to write something to the card's firmware when I changed the settings.

I've switched to 1024 x 768 60Hz in VGA mode, and I'm running Amiga PAL mode. I'm using my 1084 to change the settings, but when I swap I'm still getting nothing out of my LCD monitor.... Can anyone recommend anything?

Settings in the config tool are:

Amiga: Pal
VGA: 1024x768 60Hz
Clock 65.158
H-FREQ: 48.480
V-FREQ: 60.148
Pixels: 1024
Lines: 768
H-Offset: 0
V-Offset: 0
Width: 724
Height: 283
Double: Hires / Lines
Output: DVI
G: <Greyed out>

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