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Re: Miggy, games and synthesis

Originally posted by Mr Softy
- Besides 8-bit sampling, what are the other possibilities to generate sound with an Amiga?
Err.. none with the standard chipset. I know there are 14 bit replayers for Eagle/Deliplayer, but I am not sure of how they are working. The Amiga's Paula is 8 bit and that's yer lot. If you have an external soundcard like a Tocatta, you could get 16 bit output.
How where made those cool games and demos synth sounds?
Depends on the tracker the composer used. Sometimes the synthesizing sound is sampled and furtherly processed, other times it's synthesized realtime by the Amiga.
- What are the amiga sound synthesis capabilities? Is there any good share/freeware or commercial softsynth available?
Its synthesis capabilities are absolute non-existant, at least not by hardware. The Amiga has no synthesizer chip, only the Paula dsp. But lots of trackers, like MusicLine editor, Octamed or SIDMon, could work with synthesized sounds (whet they called synth instruments)... these were synthesized by the 68000, afaik (please correct me if im wrong). If by 'softsynths' you mean something like Rebirth etc., I'm afraid you are not gonna find many. There was a 303 simualtor called Amiga 303(and its evolution, 303Tracker). You can find it in the Aminet. Aegis Sonix was supposedly another softsynth. Never tried it but looked pretty damn nice for its time. Dunno about others but DO TRY Musicline Editor. IMO, it is by far the best Amiga sound tracker.
- What where the most used hardware synths used to make games SFX's?
You mean real synthesizers? That'd be hard to tell. Email Chris Hülsbeck or Alister Brimble
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