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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Great work dude :-) I think I read you worked out some of the routines in Amos before moving to Blit, how many Bobs were you getting with that on screen;-)

Your screen is 16*16?
The phone box is just one large tile?

Sorry for all the questions :-)

Lol, I can send you the AMOS version! It's all based on an A500 beat -em up demo I made called Fighters Tendency, over a decade ago.

The trouble I had with AMOS was the speed, with no way to regulate it. It went from 50 fps with no-one around to suddenly 25 when you shared the screen with anything. The background was from the SNES version, and I had a parallax layer of Peterborough (my home town - I don't know what to say about that) in the background.

If I'd known about AMCAF, I might have carried on with it. The AMOS editor environment is nice and stable. I think there could be quite a lot happening, at least 4 bobs, maybe it slowed down even more then - but I remember I was blitting absolutely everything, including the parallax. Blitz was a little slower at blitting 2 backgrounds like that as I recall.
I'll gradually get around to putting up the source for the AMOS stuff, it's mostly garbage, but might be of benefit to someone.

The tiles are 16 *16, they might end up being up to 64*64. All the objects are rendered in multiples of 16, and block pasted as single images - one large tile. For most of them this means no transparencies as blocking obliterates everything but the sprite layer beneath, but the telephone box has part of the background included in the image - so revealing the rest of the background beneath it is possible. It just means I need more frames of the telephone box in other stages, but it doesn't appear that often.
These are the objects - I tried putting in a UK telephone box, but the colours are bad and it looks a little weird
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