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Originally Posted by jvdw007 View Post
Not having much luck with mine either. Initially when I turned it on today it defaulted to 800x600 ntsc 60hz mode.
Since I want to use my Samsung Syncmaster 940ew for both the Indi and my voodoo RTG (monitor has vga and dvi) I wanted to run the native res of 1440x900.
I tried the original core software, no luck. I tried the new core software, still no luck. I tried two monitors that accept dvi, no luck.
I deleted all the files each time, tried either core installs, flashed all, no luck. The dvi output still goes into standby mode on both monitors.
On my tv vga my RTG works just fine, as well as on the Syncmaster itself in RTG workbench.
I have compared the settings in Indi config to to ensure the settings are all correct and it is.
I don't understand why the Indi has stopped displaying anything at all now.
I just tried the "default" flash as asked by Gibs earlier and flashed both the config and the core to the default. Still no luck.
Any other suggestions of what I can try?

UPDATE 1: Ok, I turned the amiga completely off and back on, then held both mouse buttons and it showed the Indi in early boot menu. I guess this means to restore to defaults, you need to turn the power off of the amiga before it "takes"? Weird.

My main problem so far has been that I can double the horizontal lines and it almost fills the entire width, but the height I am unable to double. This makes it useless for gaming, so does anyone know how to double the height in the Indi config?

UPDATE 2: Argh!
Once I got to as you can see in the attached pic, I then proceeded to save the config and Reflash All. I then rebooted and once again my Syncmaster goes into standby mode and refuses to display any Indi screens.
I can see the settings are as they were before the reboot, so wtf?!

UPDATE 3: Powering the machine down and on again solves this problem.

@Jens. Why when I reboot/reset the amiga does the Indi stop working, yet powering down and on "solves" it? I find each time I load Sysinfo, it makes the Indy stop working, which then only gets resolved with a power down. :/
I have the same issue with my Dell monitor going into sleep mode with the latest cores when making configuration changes.

Also, with the standard PAL and NTSC modes I get a vertical line through the center of the screen, but after a few tweaks and few hard reboots I was able to get rid of the vertical line.
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