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Originally Posted by Crumb View Post
I'm still curious... why two versions of the same thing? it's quite easy to autodetect if RTG is available/if the screen opened is RTG or not or opening an ASL requester if you are unsure. Compiling two versions just means more work. You gain 0 fps doing two separate versions.

Supporting RTG in an easy way would just involve calling WritePixelArray().
I wasn't even going to bother to do an RTG version but I needed to create one for my asm guy to debug with on his A3000 so I thought I might as well upload it.

I'm currently working on [ Show youtube player ] but it won't be hardly any faster than v1.06 I'm afraid.

On a more positive note, I have manage to apply some of the tricks I've learnt from this port into making my Quake 1 port faster, I'm currently seeing a 10% speed improvement with improved texture mapping quality

Expect a Quake 1 release in the next 2 weeks
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