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still opens up questions. Just because a company claims to have a license and sells stuff does not make it true - APC/TCP have sold stuff they have no copyright on/license for. If claim they can legally host the material, then surely it is down to copyright holders to contact them. I don't see how linking to them is an issue. Who actually owns the old kickstart/workbenchs is not truly known anyway is it ? AFAIK amiga inc, and hyperion claim to own it.. Cloanto have a license to sell it. who knows the validity after all the historical mess of it.

And what about the Zone?

It boils down to not the copyright, but who chases what right? So you want to avoid stuff where there are people who will go after your hosting provider etc etc rather than you having a legal or balanced stance on it no ?

let's stop all the pretending and say it how it is.

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