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Originally Posted by hooverphonique View Post
that's great.. maybe you should update the link on the product page as well?
Forgot to upload the updated English page - thanks for the hint.

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Does the new version work with OS 4.0 and Morphos, too, or do you still need a patched ariadne.device for these systems?
If MorphOS can use ClassicOS binaries, it should work. However, I don't guarantee it to work with MorphOS, so I won't answer any support tickets.

OS4 is based on the same source code as the classic device, and if this new classic device is reported to fix the freezes, I will hand over the new source code to the OS4 team like I did before. However, at this point, we've only tested under classic OS with AmiTCP but no other stack, so please report back if you have anything to report with other stacks.


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