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Originally posted by Frederic
Ok..I really am riled up here..I cannot understand how people could like pinball games...what the hell is the deal??Is it so primitive that it appeals to a lower case mentality in all of us??
Real pinall stinks, but video pinball...ugh!!!!!!!!!
Please don't give me any "Well that's your opinion, Fred " IS my opinion, I DO see that lots of people like pinball, I am not trying to convince anyone to stop liking them...its just that I had to say...THEY STINK
I've learned many things. I've learned that if one cannot admit on'e mistakes, one cannot grow. My mistake was disliking pinball on video games. I love the real thing. but did not bother to give the video versions a chance.
i was an ass, total and complete. Don't you remmeber things you liked, did, said, that in retrospect seem asinine? I do. we all do. I now love Amiga's pinball games. Fun, fast, beautiful.
I retract the above quote and shove it up my ass.
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